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Swap Program

Swap Program

Swap Program is a business strategy that provides good displays for maintenance shopkeepers. These displays are broken glass and are "exchanged" for new ones at a fraction of the price. This can make your parts cheaper than the market price, and still leave a lot of room for shopkeepers, while still maintaining the display quality and providing high quality display for your customers.

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This is the estimated Workflow Time
1.3-5 days from customer to Hong Kong address.
2.Test report 1-2 days.
3.Send screen for 3-5 days

Last updated on 28/6/2019




How will it benefit shopkeepers?
As the industry changes, many higher monitors become expensive, which prevents many shopkeepers from successfully repairing them. Through SWAP, it can not only bring more margin for each maintenance, but also provide more maintenance.

What does the shopkeeper need to do?
We recommend that the shopkeeper choose the model that is important to them, and that it is a popular product of his shop. Initially, 2-3 pieces (or once a week) need to be stored on the shelf. Initially, they mark repairs at very aggressive prices, and his or her profit margin will decrease. Then the shopkeeper is ready to start the cycle of SWAP planning. This weekend, they grabbed all the good displays with broken glass and mailed them to SWAP programs. Once the display arrives at our warehouse within the same day, we will give the store owner a small fraction of the price to buy new tokens.

What is full function and minor damage?
For the model of the iPhone OLED display, a fully functional OLED panel must be good, and there must be no black/burn/green dots or bullet markings. Poor touch to the display will qualify for minor damage.
For the model of the LCD of the iPhone, a good LCD panel and a good digitizer are necessary. SWAP still accepts backlight problems or previous recycling problems but falls into the category of minor damage.
For the model of the iPad LCD display, a good LCD panel is required for full functionality. Backlight problems containing wave/white dot/dust will be eligible and accepted by SWAP, but will fall into the category of minor damage.
For the model of Samsung OLED display, a good OLED panel and a good digitizer are necessary for its complete functions. It must not have any black/burn/green or bullet marks. SWAP still accepts mild or moderate aging (shadows/burns), but it falls into the category of minor injuries.

What about future models and other technologies that might be added?
Our goal is to add more and more new models to this list. Even if we can't recycle, we can buy new display panels, and we can still exchange products in advance.

Can we change the "SWAP" color?
Of course,just tell the service you need. In this way, it can help shopkeepers replenish inventory correctly. Shopkeepers don't need to know what color they are, because they will get the same color.

What if the frame on my three-star display is damaged?
Fortunately, all SWAP will come with a new framework, so it will have no impact on your SWAP plan, and we will not punish you for that. However, we require all Samsung monitors to be pre-installed with frameworks to prevent misoperation during transportation or testing. Any Samsung display without a frame will be rejected immediately.

Is SWAP inventory different from conventional inventory?
Yes. SWAP inventory is a complete separate inventory. The plan took us some time in advance to stock up and reserve it for this purpose. This means that we won't sell out. We won't sell out these display models except for special SWAP customers.

Will SWAP pricing be lower than current pricing?
Yes. It depends on the re-core process and the cost of consumables. We will assess the future price decline of SWAP, because this process will enable us to lower the price more actively than we are now.