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ODM: B design, B production, A brand, A sales == commonly known as "OEM", is the product of the factory, the brand of others
OEM: A design, B production, A brand, A sales == foundry, generation of production, other people's technology and brand, the factory only produces

Now, more and more dealers are selling under the banner of their own brands. Most of the glass produced in China's factories is just a lot of people who don't know which glass.
There are more than 50 glass brands  300 factories in the market, the best is Samsung and LG,Sharp,TongBao(TB) Tianma(TM), JingDongFang(JDF), Longteng(LT), TPK, JDI,Hancai(HC), Dijing(DJ), Guoxian(GX), Jinlong(JL), Helitai(HLT), Zhongguangdian(ZGD), Tianshanwei  (TSW),ZY,etc.


Internet sellers and local companies all boast that they own the brand. In fact, they just changed the box. The iphone lcd in the box cannot be distinguished from the shape. Some sellers lie, do a few comparison videos to mislead the customer group, lcd comes out of the design company, then the ingredients are modeled, and then to the finished product, no investment of 5 million US dollars is impossible, so many brands on the market have their own brands. The brand LCD is fake, the brand is fake, but the product is really usable. For example: MS has AQ5, XO5; IG has FX5; SM has SPIDOC; and so many, these marketing strategies are too simple for me, so our company launched a new service ODM LCD/OLED, which is promotion For your brand LCD, we offer a design solution: with your logo box, with your LOGO matching disassemble tool, with some products of your LOGO.

1. Make a LCD box with your logo,           MOQ: 10000pcs
2. Make a teardown tool with your logo,   MOQ: 100000pcs


For those customers whose quality requirements are exactly the same as the original, we launched the OEM LCD/OLED program, but the customer has at least 1 million pcs of orders per order, all of which are based on the original glass design of the Apple factory. Our boss is the FOXCOON department manager. There are channels to do it. Design a good glass solution and present it to the customer's glass plan. The following pictures are available as part of the reference.

To enjoy these two services, we need to be our super member. The monthly order volume is more than 500,000 US dollars. Other people are not convenient to disclose the core information, especially the pretender, agent, spy.