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Motherboard Repair Service

Chip Level Motherboard Repair


For most repair shops, mobile phone maintenance is still at a simple level of operation. Maintenance technicians replace the entire screen instead of just glass repair, replacing the motherboard instead of repairing it by micro-welding. AUZL therefore launched a third-party chip-level motherboard maintenance service to help our customers solve this headache. This is a good way to promote business development and make you stand out from your competitors. Send us hard repairs and we will turn your equipment into reality.

►One-stop solution to all the difficult maintenance and training needs of your maintenance business.
►AUZL provides timely and effective service for your emergency. Don't get into trouble with your unresolved problems.
►Experts and engineers with sophisticated technology and equipment can handle all kinds of maintenance, such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei and so on.
►Transparency creates trust! Our customers are always aware of all the details they need.


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All maintenance services are guaranteed for 3 months. If the same problem occurs again within three months after the original maintenance, we will replace the faulty parts.
The warranty does not cover the following items:
1. Problems caused by software (jailbreak) and virus (mobile settings if APP cannot be deleted) after repair.
2. Warranty does not include loss or damage caused by personal negligence due to improper installation and changes in environmental conditions.
1. Such as high pressure, lighting stroke, water damage, etc.
3. The equipment has no AUZL warranty label.


Here are some details we would like you to know before sending them.
1. Initial order: 20PCS
2. The repair process (excluding delivery time) usually takes about 7 days.
3. The cost of delivery shall be borne by the customer.
4. Mark the failure of each device and record its IMEI before delivery.
5. If locked, please provide the mobile phone password so that we can test the function.
6. If possible, please provide an iCloud account and password; or delete your iCloud account from your device (we do not repair devices without an iCloud password).
7. If you need to touch the ID maintenance service, please send the home button component with the logic board.
8. For the storage upgrade of the iPhone, please update your device to the latest IOS operating system.
9. We can't repair equipment that is rusted and corroded by too many components.
10. If you do not accept our test report and decide to give up the maintenance service. You should bear the freight back and forth.
11. The price of the logic board depends on the exact damage and extent of the equipment. We can only provide you with the estimated maintenance price before the repair is completed.